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Linen Care
How to Care for Fine Linen

Our workrooms, located in both Williamsburg and Europe, manufacture our own line of hemstitched fine linen. We also create beautiful heirloom quality hand embroidered monogrammed linens. In addition, we offer restoration services for fine linen collectors.


If your linens are in good condition, we suggest hand washing and spot removing by using these excellent products. This will insure that you can remove lipstick, wine, candlewax and dinginess to all your heirloom linens. Always treat stains as soon as possible for easy removal.

Linen Care Products


2 ounce

8 ounce

32 ounce

64 ounce


Le Blanc Linen Wash











32 ounce Le Blanc Linen Water

12 sheets

13" x15" x 4"

Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid Free Storage Box

(for small linens)




1.7 ounces

Carbona Stain Devils

Candlewax, Lipstick

Red Wine & Rust


$14.00 for set



Ironing Heirloom Linens

The following ironing techniques will insure that you can keep your linens in pristine condition.

We recommend Rowenta irons for linen care. Always iron linens while still damp, straight out of the wash. You do not want to iron dry linens, the wrinkles will become very difficult to get out. If you will iron your linens damp, you will have perfect results and without using any starch or sizing.

If linens are not rinsed thoroughly, the soap residue can cause scorching. Scorching can be removed by rewashing the linen. The key to cleaning linens is to use soaps that do not have any bleaches or ingredients that are designed for cleaning synthetics. We do not recommend sending linens to dry cleaners. This is not proper care for good linens. In the past, cleaners included French laundery techniques. This is not the service that is now available in most dry cleaners. They are not skilled in caring for heirloom linens, and you are at risk of ruining your investment. If you have the time, and space, it is not difficult to care for your linens.

Use white terry cloth towels to lay the linen on. You will need to either let the linen air dry or you can take the wet linen directly to the ironing board or ironing table. Lay the wet linen on a terry towel and roll it up, this will rid extra water from the cloth. You can then spread the cloth out on the ironing board or table and begin ironing the linen until dry. Iron the back and front of the cloth, and try to iron it into shape. After ironing, let the cloth completely dry before finger folding. Always use a high quality steam iron like Rowenta to get the best results.

We recommend and sell Linen Wash for proper linen care and maintenance. If you do not have the facilities or time to do this type of care, we do offer these services in our Williamsburg, Virginia workrooms.

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